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Armenia’s minimum consumer basket has reduced

Armenia’s minimum consumer basket has reducedJuly 31, 2012 | 15:51

YEREVAN. – The minimum consumer basket in Armenia constitutes AMD 53,000, in terms of average prices in April-June 2012, the National Statistical Service informs.  

Also according to the same source, the monthly food basket is AMD 30,000. 

The April-June 2012 minimum consumer basket reduced by approximately AMD 2,000, and the food basket dropped by AMD 1,200, as compared with January-March 2012. 

To note, the minimum consumer basket comprises the following food items, and on per day basis: 355 grams of bread, 100 grams of meat (cattle), 200 grams of milk, 10 grams of cottage cheese, 20 grams each of animal fat and vegetable oil, 25 grams of cheese, 250 grams of potatoes, 300 grams of vegetables, 200 grams of fruit, 50 grams of sugar, half an egg , 30 grams of fish, and 10 grams of margarine.

In line with the current exchange rate, US$ 1 is equivalent to approximately AMD 407.

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