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Around 5,000 Syrian Armenians moved to Lebanon

Around 5,000 Syrian Armenians moved to LebanonFebruary 16, 2013 | 00:51

BEIRUT. – Due to the ongoing military operations in Syria, around 5,000 Syrian Armenians have moved to Lebanon, Editor-in-Chief Shahan Kandaharian of Lebanon’s Aztag Armenian daily told Armenian News-NEWS.am.

In his words, some Syrian Armenians moved in with their relatives in Lebanon, others have their own home in the country, whereas the remaining Syrian Armenians are living on rent. And the Armenian charitable organizations are helping out to those who do not have such opportunities.

Kandaharian noted that some Syrian Armenians have also found jobs in Lebanon.     

In addition, the Syrian-Armenian children are going to Lebanese-Armenian schools, albeit there are some differences between the school curricula of Syria and Lebanon.

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