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Tigran G. Martirosyan Armenia Athlete 2010

Tigran G. Martirosyan Armenia Athlete 2010December 14, 2010 | 11:35

Armenian Federation of Sports Journalists conducted a poll among 47 sports journalists. World Weightlifting Gold Medal winner, European Champion Tigran G. Martirosyan has been recognized as Armenia’s best athlete of 2010.

The list of 10 Armenian best sportsmen

1.Tigran G. Martirosyan, weightlifting, 462 points

2.Levon Aronian, chess, 399

3.Arsen Julfalakyan, Greco-Roman wrestling, 311

4.Yuri Patrikeev, Greco-Roman wrestling, 253

5.Hrachik Javakhyan, boxing, 230

6.Ashot Danielyan, sambo, 183

7.Meline Daluzyan, weightlifting, 141

8.Gevorik Poghosyan weightlifting,131

9.Roman Amoyan, Greco-Roman wrestling, 116

10.Ruben Alexanyan, weightlifting, 112

Armenian football national team has been recognized Best Team 2010.

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