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WikiLeaks: Azerbaijan, oil spill worse than Gulf of Mexico

18:01, 16.12.2010 Region: World News, Azerbaijan Theme: Economics, Incidents

According to WikiLeaks materials, U.S. diplomatic correspondence indicated a major accident on the BP oil platform in Azerbaijan.

The accident was similar to the April incident in the Gulf of Mexico.

The accident at the Central Azeri platform occurred in September 2008 due to a sudden release of gas. However, unlike the April incident at the Deepwater Horizon, the Azerbaijan platform managed to evacuate all staff, 212 people, writes referring to The Guardian.

According to the publication, at the time of the incident the Central Azeri accident was the largest in the history of BP. As a result, two wells had to be shut down and the amount of daily oil production reduced by 500,000 barrels. However, the timely evacuation of employees allowed the company’s management to hush the incident.

Moreover, WikiLeaks materials said that BP refused to provide information about the incident to their partners, and proper investigation of the accident was never conducted.

Also the WikiLeaks documents reported that the President of Azerbaijan accused BP of stealing $10 billion worth of oil.

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