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Ruling MP says Sargsyan is not Gaddafi

Ruling MP says Sargsyan is not GaddafiApril 01, 2011 | 13:45

Hunger strike is definitely a tool in political struggle but it is not the best one, said MP from the Republican Party of Armenia.

Razmik Zohrabyan commented for journalists on hunger strike of the Heritage Party leader Raffi Hovannisian.

Noting that protests are conditioned by complicated economic situation in the country, Zohrabyan stressed Republican Party is not to blame for all problems, some of them are reasoned by international tendencies.  

Ruling party MP said that one should not tense the situation. “We must avoid repetition of the March 1, 2008 events. That is why the members of Armenian National Congress were allowed to enter Liberty Square,” he explained adding Armenian President is not a dictator, not Gaddafi.  

Zohrabyan stated he is criticizing both authorities and the opposition, as they all are to blame for the current situation in Armenia.

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