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Mother of deceased soldier fainted in front of Armenian government (VIDEO)

December 08, 2011 | 11:51

YEREVAN. - Gohar Sargsyan the mother of Tigran Ohanjanyan who died in the army fainted in front of the government building on Thursday.

Another protest action organized by parents of deceased soldiers was taking place parallel to the parliament sitting. After the sitting Gohar Sargsyan approached the Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan and asked for an explanation on her son’s death. Seyran Ohanyan promised to review her son’s case again.

It has been believed for years that Tigran Ohanjanyan died because of electroshock but recently it came out the electroshock was not the cause for his death. Gohar Sargsyan said that she has been claiming for 5 years that her son was murdered and only 5 years later it is confirmed.

The Minister of Defense left and the woman continued to talk to reporters and fainted.

Tigran Ohanjanyan’s father informed the reporter of Armenian that even now when the murder was confirmed investigative bodies try to conceal the circumstances of their son’s death.

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