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You wish earth could swallow me? - Armenian MOD

You wish earth could swallow me? - Armenian MODFebruary 09, 2012 | 15:38

YEREVAN. – The disability class of servicemen and the amount of social benefit is qualified not in the Defense but in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Armenian MOD Seyran Ohanyan told the parents, who gathered in front of the Government and complained for changing their sons’ disability class.

According to the parent of a serviceman Arthur Grigoryan, who was disabled by the guilt of the commander, Grigoryan received second class of disability. However, Labor Ministry changed the class into third, which of course decreased amount of the social benefit.

In response to the parents’ remark the Defense Minister should also carry responsibility for the social benefit of servicemen, Ohanyan got angry.

"Maybe, you wish the earth could swallow me?” he said.

Armenian News-NEWS.am tried to clarify the situation with the Labor Ministry. However, they told to turn to the Defense Ministry. MOD spokesperson Davit Karapetyan responded that the issue is in the Labor Ministry’s authority as only that Ministry has agency to carry out medical-social examination.

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