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Armenia’s Jeep-Trial winter rally results are announced

14:16, 14.02.2012 Region: Armenia Theme: Innovations

Armenia’s “Adrenalin” Association of extreme sports and the ArmenTel Company (Beeline Brand) announced the end of the Lori-Extreme 2012 Winter Rally for off-road vehicles.     

The competition in the Rally’s Jeep-Trial category was held on February 12 in Gugark town of the Lori Region. Twenty-five teams took part in the event, which was watched by around two-thousand enthusiasts.

As a result, Lendrush Sahakyan was declared the winner, with his Toyota Fortuner, and the second- and third-place awards were presented to Minas Tiratsyan and Arsen Gevorgyan, with their Ford Maverick and Mitsubishi Pajero IO respectively.  

The Jeep-Trial is a rally on a road with natural and artificial obstacles, and the quickest vehicle to finish this road is declared the winner.

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