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Czech Armenians give appropriate response to event on Khojaly incident

10:38, 25.02.2012 Region: World News, Armenia, Azerbaijan Theme: Politics, Society

The Armenians living in the Czech Republic gave an appropriate response to the event, which Azerbaijanis organized in Prague, devoted to the anniversary of the Khojaly incidents. 

The Azerbaijani Embassy organized, on Friday in a Prague square, and event devoted to the 20th anniversary of the incidents that occurred in Khojaly. 

The Embassy pitched a tent and raised the Azerbaijani flag beside it. The objective of the event was to preach the official Azerbaijani version of the incidents in Khojaly. And to carry this out, they distributed free food and sold Azerbaijani souvenirs. There also were commercial advertisements in the tent.    

Once the event got underway, however, several Czech Armenians began distributing, beside the tent, flyers which expose the Azerbaijani falsification. Also, the Armenian activists entered the tent and continued distributing the flyers. In addition, they presented to the panic-stricken Azerbaijanis the truth behind the tragedy in Khojaly.   

Azerbaijan’s and Turkey’s ambassadors to the Czech Republic also arrived on the scene.

But in general, the protest was carried out without incidents.

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