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Armenian community in Georgia under threat of assimilation - expert

Armenian community in Georgia under threat of assimilation - expertMarch 14, 2012 | 17:45

YEREVAN. – One of the key problems of the Armenians in Javakhk is the threat of assimilation, expert Sergey Minasyan said at a press conference on Wednesday.

Currently the Armenian community in Georgia is one of the huge Armenian communities in the world, however, it is very vulnerable to the assimilation.

Asked about the Armenian factor in Georgia and its difference between Azerbaijani and Turkish factors, the expert said that Armenians in Tbilisi are not associated with Armenia and even with Javakhk.

“This, as compared to Azerbaijani and Turkish ones, is a domestic factor,” Minasyan said at the same time expressing disagreement that Armenians are attempted to be ‘removed’ from Javakhk. On the contrary, Armenians can counteract Turkish and Azerbaijani expansion. 

Asked why Armenians should counteract if Georgian authorities are interested in realizing economic projects, Minasyan stressed that ‘everything has its limits’ and in case of state of emergency and political activations by the Turkish and Azerbaijani sides, Georgia may become vulnerable.



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