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Armenian citizen lost in India returns home

00:01, 20.03.2012 Region: Armenia Theme: Society

Armenian woman Lusine Sargsyan, 36, lived with her husband and son in India for about 5 years. During the last two years she did not get in touch with her relatives in Armenia. She was found due to extensive search and happy coincidence.

Lusine’s sister Varduhi told the Armenian reporter about Lusine’s ‘adventures’ in India.

In 1999 Lusine married an Indian citizen. At first the couple lived in Armenia and in a year their son was born. In 2007 the husband returned to India and then his wife moved there. For a couple of years Lusine often called home and complained about bad conditions. They were frequently changing place of residence and never getting registered.

The family last talked on the phone with Lusine in 2009. She told her mother that she could not stand it anymore and wanted to return to Armenia. As she had somehow lost her passport Varduhi went to the embassy to settle everything for her sister’s return. Since then they have not heard from Lusine.

According to Varduhi, during that time they did their best to find her.

On February 23 Lusine’s mother was informed by the embassy that Lusine was found in an infectious diseases hospital.

Last Friday Lusine and her son returned to Armenia with the help of the Armenian MFA and the Armenian Embassy in India.

Presently, Lusine is in hospital in Armenia, she needs treatment and psychological help.






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