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Armenian MFA on foreign policy priorities envisaged in government program - INTE

21:35, 21.06.2012

One of Armenia’s most important foreign policy objectives is settlement of the Karabakh conflict…

Reforms in judicial system to remove bureaucratic headaches

19:57, 21.06.2012

The current program is more complex…

President of Armenia promises lawyers to solve disagreement with Cassation Court

19:19, 21.06.2012

Cassation Court cannot clearly act even in case of casting verdicts…

US ex-Ambassadors to Armenia and Azerbaijan claim Russia interested in neither w

15:26, 21.06.2012

Peace will be problematic to achieve unless societies inside are not free…

Positive and negative sides of Armenian Government Program

04:48, 21.06.2012

Government has many explanations why it does not fulfill the program…

Implementation of Madrid document on Karabakh will lead to resumption of war – e

00:09, 21.06.2012

The mediator countries are continuing to follow the outdated principles…

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