SaturdayJanuary 31
  • USD 476.74
  • EUR 539.38
  • RUB 6.83

Georgia suspends natural gas supply to Armenia

17:14, 08.06.2012

It will further inform once supply is resumed…

Armenia’s Central Bank Chairman introduces Bank’s activities to Polish counterpa

16:26, 08.06.2012

He received the President the National Bank of Poland…

Dollar continues downward trend in Armenia’s stock exchange

16:13, 08.06.2012

It is bought at the AMD 408-411/$1 range…

We will do everything so Armenia’s apricot is exported on time, without losses –

15:42, 08.06.2012

The Government will contribute to increasing export…

Dollar will continue gaining value in Armenia – expert

13:55, 08.06.2012

Its exchange rate will rise and reach AMD 430/$1…

Armenia’s former PM to invest $1 billion in Russia – newspaper

07:44, 08.06.2012

This region was seeking for investors for around 4 years…

PM does not wish to meet with opposition Armenian National Congress parliamentar

07:28, 08.06.2012

He either deems its viewpoint unimportant, or…

Transfer rates decrease in Armenia

01:45, 08.06.2012

Russia continues to be the main source of transfers…

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