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Turkey removes all sanctions against France

22:04, 05.07.2012

Turkey is ready to cooperate with France but the later must‘ clarify the Armenian issue first…

Russian military base in Armenia gets new equipment

21:22, 05.07.2012

In 2012, a mix of modern automated kits range equipment was received…

Presidential election day declared a day off in Nagorno-Karabakh

21:08, 05.07.2012

Incumbent president Bako Sahakyan among the candidates...

OSCE MG co-chairs to cross line of contact

17:44, 05.07.2012

The OSCE mission will conduct a monitoring along the NKR-Azerbaijani border line...

Even the first article of Constitution is not implemented in Armenia – expert

17:00, 05.07.2012

Tokhyan believes the methodology changes in the constitution were correctly selected in 1995...

Opposition Armenian National Congress loses member

16:27, 05.07.2012

My political career in ANC is over...

OSCE PA gave positive assessment of Armenia’s parliamentary elections

15:14, 05.07.2012

Francois-Xavier de Donnea said that the Armenian administration spared no effort to ensure high-level organization of elections...

NATO concerned over tension at frontline of Karabakh conflict zone

13:42, 05.07.2012

The alliance supports efforts of the OSCE Minsk Group...

Speaker Abrahamyan congratulates Armenians on Constitution Day

13:30, 05.07.2012

He wished Armenians happiness, optimism, prosperity, peace...

Armenian President’s address on Constitution Day

09:49, 05.07.2012

Only in effective communication with civil society, the state can become democratic...

Armenia marks Constitution Day

08:52, 05.07.2012

The Constitution of the Republic of Armenia was adopted by a national referendum on July 5, 1995...

Armenian PM discontent with ministers – newspaper

07:55, 05.07.2012

According to some rumors, he expressed discontent with ministers’ behavior during the meeting with the President...

Armenia listed among “partly free” states – newspaper

07:27, 05.07.2012

Freedom House issued its new report titled Worst of the Worst 2012...

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