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Happy Planet Index 2012: Armenia ahead of Georgia and Azerbaijan

18:44, 16.06.2012

Costa Rica tops the HPI rating…

Pro-Armenian congressman supports Dream Act

18:35, 16.06.2012

Over 800,000 young people, who were brought to the States illegally, may avoid deportation and be granted a right to work…

Russian city publishes French writers’ novel on Genocide

18:05, 16.06.2012

The author gives a panorama and objective picture of 1915-22 tragic events…

Armenia’s newly appointed Minister of Healthcare not to make serious staff chang

16:55, 16.06.2012

There are professionals, civil employees, who have been working for many years…

Residency of Armenian Church diocese opens in NKR

16:24, 16.06.2012

This will play a great role in spiritually developing the nation...

Five Armenian men charged with identity theft in LA

16:20, 16.06.2012

They were using re-encoded credit cards to buy and resell gas for profit...

Italian mountaineer’s book on Mt. Ararat, Noah’s Ark, is presented in Italy

11:54, 16.06.2012

This event becomes more important especially these days…

Armenian delegation organizes event at Rio+20 Summit

11:04, 16.06.2012

The meeting brought together around forty individuals and representatives…

More people emigrate from Armenia – newspaper

07:49, 16.06.2012

The number of those who left from but not returned via all means of transportation is not publicized to date, but…

Mormons to hold conference in Armenia – newspaper

06:56, 16.06.2012

Their event becomes twice as interesting…

Armenian youth dies because of regional governor’s greenhouse – newspaper

06:41, 16.06.2012

The greenhouse still stands, but…

Armenia’s ‘Tatever’ cable-car served 10,000 passengers

05:49, 16.06.2012

It is really a serious investment in the tourism development of Armenia…

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