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CSTO Secretary General to discuss strategic documents in Armenia

14:45, 21.02.2012

The documents are drafted under the instruction of the heads of CSTO member-state …

Yerevan to hold staff talks on preparation of CSTO exercise

14:39, 21.02.2012

The exercise details will be discussed at the meeting…

CSTO not to interfere into domestic situation of member states - CSTO Secretary

14:36, 21.02.2012

The organization has not only military but other potential as well...

CSTO categorically opposes military actions against Iran - Secretary General

14:11, 21.02.2012

It will cause upheavals throughout the region...

Armenia to get necessary assistance as CSTO full member – Bordyuzha

13:55, 21.02.2012

The organization has not only military, but also political and peacekeeping potential…

Armenia’s CEC to observe Russian Presidential elections

12:43, 21.02.2012

Armenian Parliament representatives also will participate in the observations…

Four people still critical in Moscow bakery blast

12:36, 21.02.2012

No information is available on their identity…

Russia not to participate in Friends of Syria meeting

11:48, 21.02.2012

Russia is for the international community to speak as friends for the whole Syria and not for the part of it…

Moscow court rules on lawsuit filed by mother of killed Armenian schoolboy

09:52, 21.02.2012

According to his mother, the court ruled in favor...

Armenian employer detained in Moscow

09:20, 21.02.2012

There was an explosion in his bakery…

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