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If Tuvalu recognizes Karabakh’s independence, will Turkey ask Tuvalu to return f

14:48, 26.03.2012

Ankara is concerned that Armenia established diplomatic ties with Tuvalu…

Turkish court bans Kurdish newspaper for one month

13:37, 26.03.2012

According to the court, it was carrying out the propaganda of the PKK…

Erdogan asks Obama to block Armenian bills in US Congress

10:59, 26.03.2012

The Turkish PM also reflected on the Karabakh conflict…

Head of Turkey’s opposition takes picture of famous Armenian photographer (PHOTO

10:30, 26.03.2012

Ara Guler was recently photographed by Turkish PM, too…

Turkish opposition leader loves Armenian theatric performance (PHOTO)

10:01, 26.03.2012

He said he had nothing to add following such marvelous presentation…

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