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In France, Turkey president tells tales about relations with Armenia

15:10, 01.11.2014

“We will continue our efforts to tell the ‘truths’ in connection with 1915,” Erdogan stated…

Jehovah’s Witnesses ordered to pay $13.5 million to sex victim

13:44, 01.11.2014

A San Diego, USA, judge has found that the governing body of this church covered up years of sexual abuse by a local church leader…

Greek church refuses to perform funeral rituals before cremation

13:30, 01.11.2014

“The incineration of the body is not in keeping with the traditions and actions of the Church, for anthropological and theological reasons”…

Provisional application of Ukraine-EU Association Agreement comes into force

13:06, 01.11.2014

The economic part related to the free trade area was postponed till the end of 2015...

Ecuador top court sanctions indefinite reelection for incumbent president

11:36, 01.11.2014

Correa’s ruling party holds 100 of the National Assembly’s 137 seats, so the Constitutional Court’s ruling signals almost certain success for the government-proposed changes…

Armenia’s accession to Russia-led union not to impede partnership with EU

05:29, 01.11.2014

Although the current ‘lighter’ version of the Association Agreement for Armenia does not express it officially, the funds allocated for Armenia in 2014 - 2017 completely illustrate the commitments made in the previous three years...

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