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US not interested in using Gabala radar station – Adam Sterling

21:07, 30.04.2012

We don’t have any role and are not interested in the negotiations between Azerbaijan and Russia…

OSCE representatives observe kindergarten in Armenia shot by Azerbaijani Armed F

20:46, 30.04.2012

The shots lasted over 40 minutes and were unprecedented…

Prostitutes of Barcelona protest (VIDEO)

19:52, 30.04.2012

We are prostitutes and we have rights’…

New York Mayor honors memory of Armenian Genocide victims

19:02, 30.04.2012

This year marks the 97th anniversary of this horrific event, which claimed nearly 1.5 million lives…

$4.5 million medicine donation arrives in Armenia

18:57, 30.04.2012

The medicines were delivered to our U.S. partner organization, International Relief and Development (IRD), for distribution...

Armenian-Cypriot military cooperation program is signed

15:38, 30.04.2012

The commission co-chairs were received by the Defense Minister…

American Armenians to “welcome” Azerbaijani president with protests

12:22, 30.04.2012

The US leadership and Congress must clearly warn Azerbaijan…

OSCE monitors contact line between armed forces of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

11:46, 30.04.2012

The monitoring revealed no ceasefire violations...

Three photo-fit images of Dnepropetrovsk terrorists

11:34, 30.04.2012

The criminals who planted bombs in trash cans were of Slavonic appearance...

French school caricature on Turkey is now in color

11:11, 30.04.2012

It depicts a mustached man—representing Turkey—carrying a sack full of human skulls representing the Armenian Genocide...

Central Bank building shelled in Damascus

08:16, 30.04.2012

The Central Bank was damaged, but no casualties were reported...

PACE adopts Armenian opposition MP’s report

01:11, 30.04.2012

But she did not attend session, because of being involved in the campaigning for the parliamentary elections…

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