It is better to be independent journalist than MP – Armenian journalist

Chorrord Inknishkhanutyun

09:21, 22.03.2012

YEREVAN. – The Chorrord Inknishkhanutyun daily interviewed Armenian journalist and television personality, Petros Ghazaryan. Below is an excerpt from the interview.   

The [ruling coalition’s Prosperous Armenia Party] PAP’s proportional [election] list [for the forthcoming parliamentary election] was made public, but your name was not included. How will you comment on this?

When I announced that I wished to go to the parliament, I was assuming that I could combine [it with] journalism. But getting acquainted with the processes from the inside, such combination seemed incompatible for me. Either I had to be a full[-time] MP, or remain a journalist. And I suggested [PAP leader] Mr. [Gagik] Tsarukyan not to include me in the proportional [election] list.      

What will you do in the future?

I will remain an independent journalist. We are preparing for the new [television] season, and we will attempt to present to the viewers the entire political spectrum, so our citizens can make the right choice as much as possible.

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