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The PACE Temporary Committee came up with a report on the May 6 Parliamentary elections in Armenia. The report is based on the observations of the delegation led by Baroness Nicolson. The report was presented on May 24.

According to the report, the Armenian Constitution secures free and just elections, however there are some problems. The demand of 5 year citizenship and permanent residence, also depriving all convicts regardless of their crimes from the right of voting do not correspond to international standards.

As it was mentioned in the report, Armenia’s new electoral code also ensures free and just elections, however, it is important to follow the electoral code properly.

Overall, the report estimates the work done by the Central Electoral Comission as satisfactory however it states that data exchange between the state institutions has not been conducted properly.

It is stated, that even though many Armenian demographic indicators state that the Armenian population is decreasing, the election lists had stated that compared to 2008, Armenia’s population has increased by 157 thousand.

In the conclusion of the report the authors call to the Armenian Government to increase the people’s trust towards elections.

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