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YEREVAN. – Director of Harsnakar Restaurant Complex Hrachya Zohrabyan claims that the owner of the restaurant, MP from the Republican Party of Armenia Ruben Hayrapetyan knew nothing about the fight which had broken out in the restaurant, Hrachya Zohrabyan told agency.

We present Zohrabyan’s interview.

Mr. Zohrabyan could you tell what really happened at the restaurant?

Yesterday a group arrived at about 11 p.m. It was consisting of 5 people, one was a girl. They were drunk. Later another girl joined them. They were in sports cloths. Our waiter had mentioned that the management does not allow entering the restaurant with sports cloths. They insulted the waiter then invited him outside and attacked him. When our security guard saw this he joined in the fight and at that moment one of them fell.

Who fell?

I can’t tell. I don’t know the customers by name.

Was there any provocation from the staff of the restaurant?

Not at all! How can it be that a customer comes to us and we provoke him?

Did the security guards participate in the fight?

One of our security guards was there and also customers who had interfered seeing the fight.

Mr. Zohrabyan, according to rumors, the fight was assigned by Ruben Hayrapetyan?

No, no! Ruben Hayrapetyan did not know about it. It was our security guard.

Earlier, Armenian reported that a brutal fight emerged at the restaurant complex on Sunday at around 11pm. According to the information Armenian received, Vahe Avetyan was the person who was beaten. He was transferred to the hospital with a critical head injury and he underwent surgery. He is still kept at the hospital and is in very critical condition.     

A criminal case had been launched. The case was removed from the police to the MOD investigation department.

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