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YEREVAN.-  The victory of Republican candidate in Nov 6 US presidential elections is more advantageous to the Caucasus, the head of Analytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation Stepan Grigoryan said in an interview with Armenian

The general course of US presidents belonging to two main parties has been steady, with Democratic and Republican parties remaining unchanged. However, if  Republican Mitt Romney is elected, the country’s foreign policy will undergo changes since Republican Party has always been proactive in foreign policy issues, political scientist mentioned.

Unlike Republicans, the Democratic Party is less interested in foreign affairs, being more concerned over the internal issues.

“Republican administration is more is beneficial for the countries of our region since they will actively work here. Apart from that, among most dangerous issues for small countries like Armenia is to be under the pressure of one country. It is very important to have as much actors as possible in the regions,” Stepan Grigoryan said. 

The US presidential elections will take place on Nov 6 this year. The main struggle will take place between incumbent democratic president Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

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