June 25
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YEREVAN. - Armenia marks the First Republic Day today. According to the tradition, the main events will be held in the memorial complex of Sardarapart, which eternalizes the memory of the heroic sons and daughters of the Armenian people.

In May 1918, the regular Armenian troops and volunteers were able to come off with flying colors over the Turkish forces in the battles of life of death, not allowing them to move to Yerevan.

The victory allowed the Armenian people to regain the statehood lost centuries ago. The Armenian National Council declared the independence of Armenia and establishment of First Republic of Armenia in Tbilisi. This event in the Declaration of Independence of Armenia is formulated as follows: “In view of the complete political collapse of the Trans-Caucasus and the new situation created by the proclamation of the independence of Georgia and Azerbaijan, the Armenian National Council declares itself the supreme and sole administration of the Armenian provinces. Due to certain grave circumstances that prevent us from forming an Armenian National Government, the Armenian National Council temporarily assumes all governmental functions in order to pilot the political and administrative leadership of the Armenian provinces.”

The role of the First Republic of Armenia in establishment of state bodies of administration is invaluable. Since the declaration of the First Republic, the main attributes inherent to the state – parliament and government – were established.

Despite the fact that the Republic of Armenia existed in that status for a relatively short period, May 28 remains an important date for the country’s residents, since on that day Armenia gained independence for the first time in six centuries.  

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