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YEREVAN. - Merci or 'shnorhakalutyun' (''thank you'' in Armenian): which words do Armenians prefer using in colloquial speech? 

During the survey conducted by Armenian on the International Thank-You Day, most of the respondents said that they use both words in colloquial speech but prefer using 'merci', since it is shorter and easier to pronounce.  

Despite that, most of the citizens think that the word is beautiful and shouldn't be shortened. Some of the citizens offered using the words 'apres' (good for you) and 'hacheli e' (My pleasure).

Considering that 'shnorhakalutyun' is one of the first words learnt by tourists visiting another country we tried to find out how the foreigners pronounce it.

To see how the tourists say the mouthful 'shnorhaklatyun,' see the video above. 

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