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The Azerbaijani police arrested the British lawyer Ramute Remezaite at Baku airport and deported her back to London. "Now it’s my turn to understand, that I'm a persona non-grata in Azerbaijan," she wrote on her Facebook page, reports

Remezaite, who is a member of the European Association of Lawyers, received a visa in Azerbaijan's embassy in London last week. She arrived to Baku together with her two colleagues by an invitation of a foreign embassy. At the airport of Baku, she was informed, that she couldn’t enter Azerbaijan, despite she had a visa.

 “One of the officers told me, that the system has a stop sign, and I cannot enter the country,” she wrote, adding that she was deported without any explanation and without being providing any documents.

" All of this means, that I am an undesirable person in Azerbaijan and will not be able to come back here in the near future. It also means that you will not be allowed in this country, if you defend human rights and are not silent, when the regime of the country suppresses rights and freedoms, "writes Remezaite.

Remezaite spent a night in the waiting room for deported under the supervision of three security officers.

Ramute Remezaite is a lawyer, who supervises the implementation of decisions of the European Court of Human Rights in Azerbaijan. As an attorney, she provided legal assistance to the Azerbaijani citizens who applied to the European Court and published several articles on violation of human rights in Azerbaijan.

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