November 21
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YEREVAN. – The Police of Armenia on Wednesday received information that D. S., 33, was engaged in illegal acquisition and sale of narcotic drugs, and that he was purchasing these drugs from E. Gh., 42.

On the same day at 8:40pm, D. S. was detained and taken to a police station. A total of 29.2 grams of a yellow and greenish substance with ten transparent tin boxes, and three pills were found in his car, the Police press service informed Armenian

The “discoveries” were confiscated, a forensic chemical examination was commissioned, and a criminal case was opened into this case.

On Thursday, E. Gh.’s house was searched, and where a plastic bag with 124 narcotic drug pills, about 385 grams of a hashish-like substance, and about 860 grams of a cannabis-like substance were found.

Furthermore, four guns, two hunting rifles, a weapon’s case with two bullets, and 19 separate bullets also were discovered.

D. S. and E. Gh. are arrested.

An investigation is underway.

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