January 22
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YEREVAN. – Don’t be surprised if Russian cabbages, tomatoes, watermelons, and other agricultural products appear on the local market.

“Agrarian-Peasant Union of Armenia” NGO Chairman Hrach Berberyan told the aforesaid to Past (Fact) newspaper.

“In the latter’s words, the reason is the price hikes recorded in the liquid fuel market [of Armenia]. (…). The increase in diesel fuel prices will increase the cost price of agricultural products.

‘“There are people who deliberately attempt to turn Armenia’s agriculture into ruins,’ he said.

“Hrach Berberyan sees intent here. Due to price hikes [in Armenia], the [local] farmer will stop cultivating the soil, and they will fill the gap of local production with imports.

“In Hrach Berberyan’s view, the already more expensive diesel fuel will damage agriculture more this year. According to the agronomist’s prediction, the cost value of wheat, grapes, and other fruits and vegetables will increase [in Armenia],” wrote Past.

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