January 20
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YEREVAN. – The meaning of the existence of the Republic of Armenia is to centralize on its territory the Armenians’ social, economic, financial, and scientific potential—or a considerable part thereof, and to ensure the security and normal development of this potential. 

The new Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, stated the aforementioned at a videoconference by the University of Southern California in Los Angeles Institute of Armenian Studies.

“Our task is to stop and turn back the millennium-long wheel of emigration of our people, to make Armenia a state aimed at the preservation of the Armenian people’s potential and the ensuring of their normal activities,” the Armenian PM said, in particular. “For that, we see one precondition: the citizen of the Republic of Armenia shall be the bearer of the supreme power [in the country].”

In Pashinyan’s words, the primary task of the newly formed government is to restore the institute of free, independent, and transparent elections in Armenia.

“I believe, after these changes we will not have a problem of ensuring citizen’s engagement,” he added, in particular. “The most important [thing] is that the citizen fights for his right.”

Also, the PM noted that Diaspora Armenians’ engagement in Armenia sometimes depends on the provisions and barriers specified by the constitution of the country.

“We intend to eliminate those barriers so that we have an opportunity to use the potential of the [Armenian] diaspora in the establishment of state institutes [in Armenia],” Nikol Pashinyan stressed, in particular.

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