February 20
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A Belarusian blogger of the Armenian-Georgian origin, under the fake name Vlad Maga urged everyone to live in peace.

Almost a week ago, a blogger posted a video about his trip to Azerbaijan revealing both advantages and disadvantages of Baku, the suspicious attitude of the residents of area bordering with Iran towards tourists, those willing to help a stranger, and those who hate Armenians. The video was widely discussed both in Armenia and Azerbaijan.

“I came with peace. My goal is to show people as they really are. However, many people have seen only negative sides,” says the blogger adding: “I have not faced such aggression before. The political persecution of a person who is not connected with politics is wrong. To prosecute for visiting the region, the status of which politicians cannot agree on, is unlawful and illegal. Only 20 seconds of the video was dedicated to the conflict, and it was  a video taken from the web,” said the blogger following his visit to Karabakh.



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