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The Prosecutor General’s Office of Armenia has rejected the 45 MPs’ petition for commuting the court decision on remanding second President Robert Kocharyan in custody.

 “At this phase of the investigation, the grounds for the precautionary measure of arrest—selected for Robert Kocharyan—are maintained,” representative of the attorney general’s office said.

“And the selection of another precautionary measure not linked to confinement is not yet able to guarantee the investigation’s undisrupted course depending on the proper conduct of the accused.”

Spokesperson for the Republican Party of Armenia called the decision “astonishing” and “bewildering”.

The Armenian National Committee of New Zealand has called on Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to correct her government's “denialist appeasing” position on the Armenian Genocide.

Asked about position on the Armenian Genocide, Ardern said they have always acknowledged the tragic and large-scale loss of life of the Armenian people, but when it comes to those issues around terminology, “those are issues we have left for a reconciliation process between those parties who are involved.”

It is crucial for the Armenian government to ensure equal and independent application of the rule of law and due process as the current government moves forward with cases against former officials, US Ambassador to Armenia said in response to inquiry.

“We have long supported judicial reforms aimed at the independence of the judiciary in order to strengthen the rule of law and ensure a level playing field for all.  U.S. investors are closely following how the Armenian government is treating foreign firms, including Lydian, as they assess Armenia’s attractiveness as a destination for foreign investment,” he said.

Lebanese President Michel ‘Aoun will visit Armenia in October to meet with his Armenian counterpart and to attend the Francophonie Summit to be held in Yerevan.

This will be ‘Aoun’s second visit to Armenia since being elected to the presidency in 2016.

Pyunik vs. Maccabi match of the third qualifying round in Europa League ended in a draw (0-0).

Pyunik's striker Mohamed Konaté had good chances to score during the match, but failed to do so.

The away game will take place a week later.