April 13
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YEREVAN. – The Compulsory Motor Third-Party Liability Insurance (CMTPLI) fees will soon increase in Armenia.

The insurance companies’ employees, who on Tuesday were demonstrating outside the government building, have informed the aforesaid.

“We are protesting against the low commission fees lasting for months in the CMTPLI domain; they always announce to us that nothing will be go up [in fees], but it’s not so,” said one picketer. “Years ago, every insurance company was working with its [own] program; the CMTPLI contract was signed with its preferred program, for which it was paying a minimal commission fee.”  

In his words, they see the solution in the need to find out whether they can work with the previous program.

“We have several thousand agents in this domain,” he added. “But at the moment, what plant should be opened in Armenia so that several thousand families will be able to ensure their daily bread?”

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