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YEREVAN. – We have to estimate how much is needed for implementing the programs of the agrarian university and implement in a clear timeline, and not go and ask the benefactors [for assistance].

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Monday stated this at the Armenian National Agrarian University, as he responded to the university rector’s proposal to reequip the university’s infrastructures with the help of philanthropists.

Also, Pashinyan asked whether they had any calculations on how much money was needed to implement the university’s programs.

“I mean, maybe we have to change the logic,” Pashinyan added. “Are we convinced that we can’t have a strategy, project-estimate from our budgetary funds, and implement [it]?

“Of course, who wants to help, let them help; I’m not saying anything. But the impression is that [when] whatever we [Armenia] want to do [something], we go to the benefactors [and] say, ‘Give [us] something.’ We are convinced that they can’t have a clear strategy and we allocate in parallel with the growth of our budget revenues.”

In Pashinyan’s conviction, going to and asking the philanthropists for assistance is not within the state logic.

“I have stated several times that we don’t have a money issue,” the PM added. “Last year, and possibly this year, we have a task of fulfilling the budget expenditure. We need to estimate how much [money] the agrarian university needs, [and] with timeline.”

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