June 25
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YEREVAN. – As per Russian analyst Stanislav Tarasov, the delay in Russian Federation (RF) President Vladimir Putin’s visit to the Republic of Armenia (RA) was definitely a result of some problems, 168hours reported.

“According to him [Tarasov], after assuming power, the RA Prime Minister [Nikol Pashinyan] had made statements that were not definitely accepted in Moscow, causing concerns.

“What had taken place before that [i.e., the revolution in Armenia] was also troubling [for Moscow], since Russia was collaborating with the former [Armenian authorities] and it had confidence that the former [Armenian authorities] were in full control of the situation, and [therefore] the developments toward the change in power [in Armenia] were a surprise [to Moscow].

“However, according to his [Tarasov’s] assessment, the RA authorities are starting to make more appropriate political statements,” 168hours wrote.

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