September 24
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Armenia second President Robert Kocharyan issued a statement on the occasion of the Independent Day of Armenia.

According to the statement, we paid too much for Independence and we must protect it.

“Dear compatriots, I congratulate you on the Independence Day of Armenia. Our path to Independence was extremely difficult and challenging. It all started with the war, the destruction of the economy and the energy crisis, which brought great suffering to all our citizens,” he said. “I had the honor to be the leader of our state for 10 years and am grateful to fate for the opportunity to serve my country. Over the years, much has been done to strengthen security, economic development of the country and state building. We did everything possible so that the perception of Armenian statehood became an integral part of the perception by citizens of our national identity.”

“However, today the country faces the threat of irresponsible destruction of what was created over the years by blood and sweat. In the “revolutionary” fever, the institutional foundations of the state collapse, traditional national values ​​are destroyed, intolerance and mutual hatred are spreading,” the statement added.

“I want to believe that the country will find the strength to withstand this danger. That society will overcome this test with honor, becoming stronger and wiser, gaining such an important experience of how to distinguish black from white, a liar from the one who is telling the truth, shameless populism from responsible politics,” he added. “Dear compatriots, once again I congratulate you on Independence Day, I wish you prosperity, solidarity and a peaceful sky.”

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