September 30
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With the false finger-pointing of the new “Pavlik Morozov,” another finger-sucked criminal case has been launched against president Hrayr Tovmasyan of the Constitutional Court (CC) of Armenia. Avetik Chalabyan, Co-founder of the National Agenda Party, noted about this in a Facebook post.

“At the beginning of the week I had written that the time has come for a lawful, constitutional solution to the crisis surrounding the Constitutional Court, and thus to prevent its further deepening, with the further damage being caused to the country’s standing,” he wrote, in particular. “But it turns out that the incumbent authorities decided instead to follow the well-tested path of the Bolsheviks, with the false finger-pointing of the new ‘Pavlik Morozov,’ launching another finger-sucked criminal case against Hrayr Tovmasyan, openly pressuring his family members, including [his] elderly parents and children, and turning all this already into a farce that’s becoming disgusting and reminiscent of Stalinism.

“If we allow our country to go this way today, tomorrow [we] will not stand, we will gradually reach all the way to the year [19]37.

“How did it become possible that by rejecting the past, we now find ourselves at a place which day by day looks more like that same past—moreover, with its worst manifestations?

“And if you agree with me, join in my call, demand to stop this disgusting pressure on Hrayr Tovmasyan’s person and family, and to resolve the CC matter in a lawful, legitimate arena so that it does not become a landmine for the next authorities, and enables to lead the country on the road of democracy and development.”

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