December 14
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What is very symbolic is the fact that I am in Italy on an official visit, but am within the scope of an exclusively Armenian agenda. This is what Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said during a meeting with the Armenian community of Milan today.

“We came here from Venice where we paid visits to the St. Lazarus Island and the Mekhitarist Congregation, and our second landmark is the Armenian Church of Milan. It doesn’t matter which country we visit and what the agenda is. Wherever we go, we see unique samples of Armenian history and meet with our compatriots. We view the Armenian Diaspora as the consequence of our historical misery, but in our times, we need to try to turn the consequences of this misery into a new advantage for our nation because the power that we have in the world is the constructive force,” he stated.

The Prime Minister stressed that science, education and technology must become the main image of Armenia. He also recalled the Bible and his recent Facebook post in which he had told the Parable of Ten Pounds from Luke: “In my opinion, the parable is about changes and what happens to people and nations who fear changes and are afraid of taking a step and losing what they have,” Pashinyan said, adding that the government’s major mission is to help people overcome their fear of losing something.

“We Armenians have always been in fear of losing something. Even today, we are afraid of losing our identity, our culture and our land, and as a result, we are really losing all that, and our history has showed that many times. We have to go from being a nation from which everything is constantly taken to being a nation to which things are constantly given, and for that we must not be afraid of putting in efforts.”

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