April 09
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In his open letter addressed to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in regard to the consultation that the Prime Minister convened today to discuss the prevention of corruption, political technologist Karen Kocharyan asked several questions and expects to receive the answers to those questions. “If I don’t receive answers to these questions, the statements by the head of state will be similar to the news that mass media outlets report “based on own sources”,” Kocharyan wrote.

“Today, during the consultation devoted to the prevention of corruption, you made the following statement: “In the higher circles of the law-enforcement system, there have literally been traitors who have hindered the revelation of corruption crimes”. Anyone who is more or less aware of the political events understands that the rhetoric of political figures during a pre-election period (Armenia is in this stage now) is more emotional. However, government officials, especially the primary figure, must refrain from making statements arising from the logic of an election campaign. For this reason, I would like to ask you to answer several questions that remain as “rumors” on a regular basis,” Kocharyan stated and asked the following questions:

“1. If there have been or there are traitors, why don’t you give names so that the people know who hindered the revelation of corruption crimes?

2. If there have been or there are traitors, why aren’t there cases instituted against them and where are the verdicts?

3. If there have been or there are traitors, why have you tolerated them in the highest circles of the system?

4. If they are no longer part of the system, who or what is hindering the revelations today?

5. During your visit to March in 2018, you declared that “foreign agents are swarming in Armenia”. Have some of those agents been caught over the past one-and-a-half years, or are they still ‘swarming’ in our country?”

I believe all government officials need to speak with facts. If not, this will be ridiculous.

Sincerely, Citizen of the Republic of Armenia Karen Kocharyan.”

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