July 24
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The Union of Armenians of Russia (UAR) has issued a statement stating the following:

Providing Navalny, a well-known Armenophobic person, with airtime on Armenian Public Television was a well-planned anti-Armenian action that was aimed at questioning the role of Armenians in creating in Russia, as well as the allied ties between Russia and Armenia.

The Union of Armenians of Russia has always actively participated in the processes linked to the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation starting from the period of discussions, and the prevailing majority of the Armenians of Russia, knowing that the amendments are aimed at strengthening the Russian Federation and improving the socio-economic situation and the lives of citizens of Russia, including the nearly 3,000,000 ethnic Armenians, participated in the all-Russian vote. In our opinion, the Armenian authorities have to give their evaluation of the appearance of the Armenophobic Navalny on public television through taxpayers’ money, Navalny, who recently became “famous” with his indecent and offensive remarks against a veteran of WWII. If the Armenian authorities don’t give an evaluation, guided by this logic, Armenian Public Television may start providing airtime for the Armenophobic rhetoric of Aliyev. The Union of Armenians of Russia is certain that those who ordered and perpetrated the provocations and caused a storm in the Armenian community of Russia won’t succeed in radicalizing in the public’s conscience the anti-Russian rhetoric and, much less, change the vector of development of the friendly and allied relations between Russia and Armenia.”

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