September 18
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The level of the Karabakh conflict has actually increased in many ways, and it is a loss for the two peoples, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. Former US National Security Advisor John Bolton noted about this in an interview with of Armenia

Bolton explained what he meant when during his visit to Armenia he had announced that the Armenian PM was in an excellent position to make a decisive decision also on the Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) conflict.

Bolton said by this, he was recording the fact of living in a democratic society when the new head of the country assumes office. According to him, this is a period to see whether international conflicts, especially those in a deadlock, have a chance to break the deadlock.

The former US national security advisor noted that there were encouraging respective signs during the initial meetings, but it did not work for a year after his visit, and the level of the conflict has actually increased in many ways, and as per Bolton, this is a loss for both peoples, Azerbaijan, and Armenia.

A former senior US official added that he understands that resolving the conflict is difficult, but he considers the Caucasus to be key, not only for those who live there, but also for the US and the world. According to John Bolton, this is actually a very dangerous environment because of Armenia's several neighbors.

Bolton said he would like the US to pay more attention to this issue so that they can be more useful, but there are three small countries there surrounded by one large country and two problematic countries in the south.

John Bolton said he believes that the US presence from the outside increases regional security, as they are not limited geographically.

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