September 25
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Armenian News - presents a daily digest of Armenia-related top news as of 11.08.2020:

  • As of 11am Tuesday, 160 new cases COVID-19 were confirmed in Armenia, and the total number of infected people has reached 40,593.

Seven people died of the coronavirus in one day, bringing the total number to 803.

The number of people recovered in one day is 541, the total number of recovered people is 33,157.

“As far as I know, this morning, for the first time in the world, a vaccine against a new coronavirus infection has been registered,” the president noted.

Russian health minister, Mikhail Murashko, said that clinical trials of a vaccine developed in Russia have ended.

There is but one matter on the agenda: to yet again extend the state of emergency declared in the country on March 16—and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to make amendments and additions to the government's respective decision that was made on the same day.

One of them was with his car, and it was found out at the police precinct that on the same day, this person had fired shots from his pistol, violating public order and showing disrespect to the public.

The police found the gun and two pocket knives at the scene, and it has already been found out who they belong to.

Police are preparing a report on charges of hooliganism.

During the confrontation with the special forces that arrived to unblock the square, one of the demonstrators tried to throw an unidentified explosive device at the police.

It exploded in his hand, and the man received injuries incompatible with life, said the respective statement in the official Telegram channel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus.

The circumstances of the incident are being clarified.