December 02
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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan addressed the people with the following message:

“Turkish-Azerbaijani-terrorist forces have been waging a war against Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and Armenians for a month now. During this period, thousands of projectiles and missiles have been dropped on the army and population of Artsakh, and thousands of unmanned aerial vehicles have been released. The adversary has attacked with tanks, planes, helicopters, terrorists, mercenaries, as well as special detachments of Turkish and Pakistani fighters.

A month ago, they had set the objective to conquer and destroy Artsakh at a rapid pace. However, today, even though Artsakh is wounded, it stands strong, and this is first and foremost due to our heroic army and people. This brutal, but heroic war gives us confidence to say that Artsakh will remain standing because the spirit is unbreakable.

The war has entered a stage in which every second is making the adversary’s head spin. Azerbaijan’s military-political leadership has fed the Azerbaijanis with so much news about the country’s victories that they are waiting for the news about the fall of Artsakh and the final and irreversible victory of Azerbaijan. However, the Azerbaijani public won’t receive that news, and it is the expectation to hear this news that will ruin Azerbaijan’s plans to conquer Artsakh. The people of Artsakh, the Armenian people will fight unconditionally for every piece of land. The precise counterstrike given at the necessary moment will have the effect of a devastating collapse for the adversary. Coming close to that moment is the objective of the Defense Army of Artsakh, and we need to do everything we can to help and support Artsakh and the Defense Army.

To meet the objectives, we need to stand united as one and follow rules. The orders issued during martial law must be fulfilled. Those who fail to fulfill them must be held liable. Nothing can be a justification for them because the fate of the homeland and people is being determined.

Dear people, I know that my speech yesterday sparked rather contradicting reactions, and honestly, this might sound strange, but I am happy for this. This showed that the Armenian side showed the international community that it is constructive and persistent to fight for the rights of Artsakh unconditionally.

I would like to thank you all for your persistence. These days, the whole state apparatus is working on eliminating the organizational gaps and making every circle’s actions more effective. We don’t have an unlimited amount of resources, but the Defense Army of Artsakh has enough weapons and potential to meet its objectives. Yes, we have many enemies in the world, but we also have friends who stand, are standing and will stand with us at difficult moments. The Armenian people are grateful and will never forget that.

The world’s perception of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has essentially changed during this war. Currently, the international role-players accept and openly declare that Azerbaijan and Turkey are the aggressors. The fact that terrorists and mercenaries are fighting on Azerbaijan’s side is already confirmed around the world. This was made possible through the right diplomacy of Armenia. It goes to show that, as in the past, Azerbaijan still isn’t ready for mutual concessions, and this internationally legitimizes the right of the Armenian people to fight until the end, shape victories and enjoy them.

Armenians are a victorious nation. Go and achieve your victory. Stand and shape your victory, and be certain that your elected government has always shown and will continue to show you the road to victory.

Long live Freedom, long live the Republic of Armenia, long live the Republic of Artsakh, long live the Armenian Army and Armenian soldiers and long live our children who will live in a free and happy Armenia, in a free and happy Artsakh.”

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