June 16
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Judge Karine Petrosyan of Armenia has submitted her resignation in this capacity; she wrote about this Wednesday on Facebook.

"Today, I have submitted a letter of resignation to the Supreme Judicial Council [(SJC)], as the circumstance that is grounds for terminating the powers of a judge.

The months-long processes within the framework of the disciplinary proceedings and criminal case launched against me have raised the problem facing the bearer of judicial power is that a judge [in Armenia] withstands pressure and challenges alone because with the signature of one voice, with the vote of one ‘person,’ the SJC has turned from a body guaranteeing the independence of judges into a legislative body, a link of local significance to the former ruling power, a structure that punishes and restrains judges (…).

Proof of what is said is the existence of disciplinary proceedings launched against judges in cases with political resonance.

And as long as these processes exist, the struggle continues," Judge Petrosyan wrote in particular.

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