August 19
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We cannot give a corridor to anyone. Third President and former ruling Republican Party of Armenia leader Serzh Sargsyan stated this at a meeting in Masis town with the supporters of the "I have the honor" bloc, which will be running in the snap parliamentary elections on June 20, with respect to a corridor allegedly to be provided to Azerbaijan via Armenia.

"I am not aware of that corridor. We [Armenia] cannot give a corridor to anyone. How can we give a corridor? Why should we give a corridor?" asked the third President.

And to the clarifying question as to whether he is against giving a corridor, Sargsyan responded: "One hundred percent. That those communications shall be opened in the region, there is no problem here. But what corridor is it about? That is, are we obligated to give them [the Azerbaijanis] a corridor? With which paper? By which arrangement? For what? ”

Serzh Sargsyan said that he is not aware of any respective arrangement. "If we say goodbye to them [the incumbent Armenian authorities], I assure that no authorities will think about any corridor. There can be no talk of a corridor. "

And reflecting on the risks of giving a corridor to Azerbaijan, the third President of Armenia noted: "You already say 'corridor;' a question arises: What corridor? Under whose control will [it] be? How can we separate a part of our territory, say, 'We give this part under the control of this one'? It is ruled out!"

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