June 13
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On June 10 at 10:20 p.m. Aramyants Medical Center called the police and reported that a citizen had been checked into the medical center with the diagnosis of “closed fracture of lower third of diaphysis of left funny bone without movement”.

As reported, after a while, the same medical center reported that another citizen had been checked into the medical center with the diagnosis of “cut wound in the head”.

Police found out that the first injured person was 24-year-old resident of Yerevan Melik Meloyan, and the second one — 51-year-old resident of Yerevan Armen Meloyan.

With operative data and hot traces, police found out that on the same day at around 5:10 p.m. a dispute took place in one of the districts of Yerevan during which Armen Meloyan and his son, Melik Meloyan, as well as 21-year-old residents of the district Aram Ter-Petrosyan and his father, 44-year-old Tigran Ter-Petrosyan hit each other with their hands, causing harm to one another.

The sources report that the four citizens were released after the reports on the incident were acknowledged. The inquest officer has designated a forensic medicine expert examination.

According to, Melik Meloyan is the director of Transcontact LLC, and Tigran Ter-Petrosyan is the son of first President of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s brother Petros Ter-Petrosyan.

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