July 24
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Armenian News - presents the daily digest of Armenia-related top news as of 15.06.21:


Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden will pay special attention to the situation in Karabakh. The statement came from Russian presidential aide Yury Ushakov, RIA Novosti reported.

He noted that during the summit between the two leaders, special attention will be paid to the Nagorno-Karabakh [(Artsakh)] issue.

The Russia-US summit will take place Wednesday in Geneva, Switzerland.



Ahead of Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s—who is the ruling Civil Contract Party’s candidate for Prime Minister—visit to Goris town in Armenia’s Syunik Province, the video camera of Armenian spotted a sniper located on the roof of a building near the town square.

Earlier, Goris Deputy Mayor Menua Hovsepyan had posted a photo, noting that there were virtually no Goris residents at the election rally with Pashinyan, and those in attendance were primarily the participants in his motorcade.



There are armed Azerbaijan soldiers on Syunik Province roads, Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan wrote on Facebook.

Reports are being received that Azerbaijani flags and signs are used on the roads between some communities of Syunik Province as an excuse to deploy Azerbaijani armed servicemen there. As a result of these actions, all the free movement of people has been disrupted.

In addition to disrupting the safe and peaceful life of the population as guaranteed by the OSCE, their presence is also a continuing violation of the right to free movement of persons guaranteed by Article 2 of Protocol No. 4 to the European Convention.



As of Tuesday morning, 82 new cases of the coronavirus were confirmed in Armenia, and the total number of these cases has reached 223,805 in the country, the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention informed Armenian

Also, one more death from COVID-19 was registered, making the respective total 4,489 cases.

The number of people who have recovered over the past one day is 227, the total respective number so far is 215,455.

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