July 26
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These two weeks opened the eyes of many people, the dynamics were very strong, the real opposition field managed to break public perceptions. . Armen Ashotyan, vice-chairman of the former ruling Republican Party of Armenia and a member of the "I Have the Honor" bloc which is running in Sunday’s snap parliamentary elections, told this to a press conference Friday, and referring to the election campaign.

"[Acting PM] Nikol [Pashinyan] is a 'malignant tumor.' But we were able to explain [to the people] that this type of 'tumor' is curable, and people started believing in us," he added.

Asked what percentage of the votes they expect their bloc to get in the elections, Ashotyan said he did not want to say numbers. "Especially after the [Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh)] war [last fall], I have decided never to cheat in politics; that's why I do not want to 'force' myself, say, we hope for 25 to 30 percent. [But] I believe we have a stable double-digit third place, and those votes will be decisive for the future of Armenia," he added.

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