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Acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan is holding political consultations with the leaders of several political parties, and on the sidelines of those consultations, today he had a meeting with leader of Republic Party Aram Sargsyan.

At the outset, Sargsyan congratulated the acting premier on his political party’s very convincing victory and wished him success. Pashinyan thanked Sargsyan, told him that he was following Republic Party’s election campaign and thought the political party would cross the 5% threshold and enter parliament.

Pashinyan went on to say that he would like to listen to the political party’s leader express his views on the political situation in the country, the future developments, as well as his and Republic Party’s views on future actions, their vision for relations with the government and the parliamentary majority and the political party’s ideas and proposals.

In response, Aram Sargsyan talked about the snap parliamentary elections and added that he believes the National Assembly will serve as the best platform to hold discussions. Sargsyan said the Prime Minister needs to be everyone’s Prime Minister, yet added that there are people who have goals to have the same influence they had in the past, but believes they see that they are also inclined to enter parliament.

As far as Republic Party is concerned, Sargsyan said he and his political party will always stand with the State and statehood since Armenia’s independence is the most important thing for them. Sargsyan added that they have proposals for the economy and would be glad to present them to the government and try to be consistent with implementation of those proposals.

During the meeting, the interlocutors also discussed issues related to the consolidation of potential and the opportunities for future cooperation.

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