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The Armenian authorities have demanded the resignation of head of Geghamasar village Hakob Avetyan, Pastinfo newspaper reports.

During a conversation with Pastinfo, Avetyan confirmed the news about the demand for his resignation. “The regional governor [of Gegharkunik Province] personally offered me to resign, but I specifically told him I won’t because the people voted for me,” he said.

During the snap parliamentary elections in Armenia, head of Geghamasar village had declared that he endorses the opposition ‘Armenia’ bloc.

Touching upon the reasons why he was in Yerevan on July 28 when the situation was tense along the length of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, particularly in Gegharkunik Province, Avetyan stated that he was in the village when the shootings were taking place and came to Yerevan only after the ceasefire was established, and he had a serious reason to come to Yerevan. Moreover, he had initially informed Governor Gnel Sanosyan about this.

Today Sanosyan told reporters that the division of the National Security Service in Gegharkunik Province had summoned Avetyan, but it turned out that he was in Yerevan, and so he was summoned to the Yerevan Department of the National Security Service.

Responding to the regional governor’s statement, Avetyan stated that Sanosyan hadn’t fully presented the situation. “Sanosyan was well aware. He only said what favored him. I can surely say that there was a serious reason why I was in Yerevan. I don’t want to talk about it now, but being in Yerevan wasn’t by chance,” Avetyan said, adding that he always climbs to the military posts when there are shootings and does whatever he can to help the soldiers.

“After the ceasefire was established, I came to Yerevan with the hope to return soon, but in Yerevan I was summoned to the National Security Service.

During his phone conversation with Pastinfo, he was in the village and informed that there were no shootings and the situation was calm.

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