November 27
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In an interview with Armenian Public Television, Armenian businessman, social entrepreneur and co-founder of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative Ruben Vardanyan touched upon the question whether he is involved in politics and informed that the war in Artsakh in 2020 became the “red line” which, after being crossed, made him become convinced that he needs to show more active participation in the public and political life in Armenia.

“The problem is that being involved in politics in Armenia means coming to power or being Prime Minister or President. I don’t want that. There was a red line for me, and that was the issue of Artsakh. When we Armenians lost Artsakh (we almost lost it, we still haven’t lost it, but are close to it), I had two options. I could continue as a benefactor and live in Moscow or London and not have anything to do with Armenia, but the crisis didn’t allow me to participate in the solution to the major political and social issues, that is, understand what Armenia we are building and how the future of our nation will be. People in Armenia want to find a savior, a person who has the answers to all questions. I say that we all need to be responsible for our future. I am not politically affiliated and don’t have a political party, but I am certain that I will support the political parties that are united around ideas, not around one person,” Vardanyan stated.

The Armenian businessman touched upon the comments that a person who has done business abroad, particularly in Russia and has decided to get involved in political activities, will be under foreign influence, noting that he has worked in many countries.

“When I say I have crossed the red line, it means I am ready to lose everything in Russia and Armenia and am ready to go to jail, if the political struggle is not lawful. I am ready to be discredited and to read the worst things about me. I have made a very important decision for myself. I realized that this means I might have major problems in Russia and Armenia. Yes, I understand this. Of course, there are influences on everyone in different directions, but this is determined by the type of person, not his or her passport,” Vardanyan stated.

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